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Outdoor Volleyball Leagues


Below are the dates for fall 2021 Junior Leagues at  North Ga Aces Volleyball in Clarkesville, Ga. We will look to announce 2022 plans by February.  We strong suggest forming your team ahead of time so to be ready to register once registration opens up.

Seasons: (6-8 weeks each)

  • Spring (2022)
    • Thursday nights (early April-mid May) – Registration Open 2/1/2022
  • Summer (June/July) (2022)
    • Thursday nights (late May-mid July) – Registration Open 4/1/2022
  • Fall (Sept/Oct):
    • High School - Monday nights 9/20 - 10/23 6:00pm-8:00pm - Register NOW
    • Middle School - Thursday nights 9/23 - 10/28 6:00pm-8:00pm - Register NOW

These are once-a-week recreational leagues meant for teams to simply play matches against other teams with some brief instructor-led training and warm-up at the start of each week’s session (approx 20 minutes). If you’re interested in more instructor-led program options, please check out our Beach Club page.


  • Doubles (2 person) :
    • High School Division (Anyone in High School can participate in this division)
    • Middle School Division

Costs (2021 rates):

  • Regular Registration Fee
    • $100 team
  • Late Registration Fee (Last week of registration)
    • $120/team

An overview of how the leagues are setup follows:

  • USAV Membership required. This is necessary to ensure proper insurance coverage during all league play. If not a member, SRVA Region/USAV offers a summer/outdoor-only membership ($15). As part of registration, you will be prompted for USAV numbers for both players on the team.
  • USA Beach Volleyball  rules are used. A condensed version of the main rules can be found here.
  • Each league typically runs 6 weeks. Depending on registration numbers, leagues can be setup in the traditional round-robin approach or we may incorporate a challenge ladder system whereby teams with similar records end up playing each other during a given week. This ladder approach encourages more chances for teams of similar ability to play each other more.
  • Match start times vary depending on final registration numbers and factoring in all programs being offered at facility.
  • Teams play at least 2 matches per night, once-a-week on the night that the league is designated.
  • Each team may referee at least 1 match per night (subject to league supervisor’s discretion based on numbers and court space available)
  • Typically a match consists of playing 2 games to 21. Win by 2. The cap is 25. Each game counts as a win or loss. (subject to change by league supervisor).
  • Switching sides on multiples of 7 is at the players’ discretion. Switching between games only is an option too.
  • Referees should use the “odd or even” game or “rock, paper, scissors” to determine which team serves first for game one. Winning team of the “odd or even” game has choice to serve or receive first. The team that does not serve first for game one will serve first for game two.
  • Substitute players are allowed in the event a player cannot make a match. If more than 2 players on a team show up for a given week then players can sub-in between games only.
  • Awards are given to the top team in each league at the end of the regular season
  • If scheduling permits, a season-ending mini-tournament is held on the last week of the season.
  • Forfeiture notices should be given by the night before the league night. Send an email to
  • Tardiness: A team that is more than 10 minutes late for a match forfeits their first set. A team that is more than 20 minutes late forfeits the entire match.
  • WEATHER POLICY: Play is rain or shine unless it’s storming or we’ve experienced/are experiencing heavy rain for extended periods of time. If we cancel league play, the ‘Upcoming Events’ section on the homepage will be updated by 5PM on the day of league play